How the last great Roman god fell

Mithraeum of San Clemente, Rome, Italy

Wildfires threaten a conquest of the entire American West

full moon over the Alamo Fire, Santa Maria, CA, 2017 (Mike Eliason, Santa Barbara County Fire Dept)

Burning Forests & Blood Moons

I lived a million lifetimes in my summer in South Dakota’s Black Hills. They have a rich history and a treasure trove of hidden secrets. Their natural scenery is unique and utterly unparalleled. And they serve as a perfect launching pad into the rest of the west. But my dream of them died young. Around July’s end, I woke up one morning to find my usual view of the dramatic Elkhorn Mountain smothered.

Boom towns on the brink of the apocalypse

A group crucial to traditional societies is now sidelined out of ignorance

Four snippets of adventures as narrated through a man’s music


I was a man of reason in the most insufferable sense. There wasn’t a wonder in the world I couldn’t coldly rationalize. That was, until I found myself so interlocked in loving arms and ruby hair that my rationality went and melted right away. It was sleepy time, but we were content to cuddle wide awake. The candle on the nightstand died, but we didn’t mind the dark. A warm wind and a soft song complemented our embrace.

A song of a man’s storied history and turbulent end

An office boss comes face-to-face with the impossible

Act I

All of the talk in the world, and the only bit that was to him was talk of trouble and problems. Hubbub as usual, and none of it good. It grew. And grew. Even more than it typically did. He stood up; if nothing else, he could at least blow off some steam by ripping into his unruly employees.

The dual nature of reality has been misrepresented for millennia

Striking Similarities

Westerners robbed of the religious worldview by the death of the traditional Christian God have evermore turned to the past and to the East for spiritual inspiration. And, certainly, the ever-popular works of the Stoics and Taoists have many true and crucial lessons to teach modern people. But the works of old aren’t perfect.

J. W. Barlament

Writer of the most eclectic mix of material this side of the Mississippi. Author, 2016–2019. Blogger, 2017–2021. Columbia University, 2020–2024.

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