Eulogy to Freedom

a couple quick lyrics on encroaching apocalypse

Jared Barlament
1 min readJul 31, 2022


funeral home as empty as the life all these formalities inspired

what a waste of one so many others had for centuries admired

maybe it’s alright

if we fail if just a few of us try

weekends in July I rot at home alone and let a rich man get her

for even if she lay with me I’d lie to say she’d ever wake up better

maybe it’s too late

to outrun what is and ever been our fate

I sweat under the sun on broken asphalt paved above a buried graveyard

hallucinating in the heat a superhero or your average savior

maybe no one’s there

and Jesus came about an eighth an age too late to save our souls and so we’re branded cattle where the buffalo are s’posed to roam in freedom

and maybe it’s the end

my family and friends, they open fire on each other and they fall and all lay dying on the street and cry in unison for freedom

photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash



Jared Barlament

Author and essayist from Wisconsin studying anthropology and philosophy at Columbia University.